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Welcome to GSD Suhl mbH.

„Learning is like rowing against the current. As soon as you stop, you drive back.“- Laozi

Develop yourself further - and take advantage of the continuing education courses offered by GSD mbH Suhl:

By participating in training programs you have the opportunity to get new impulses that broaden your horizons. The qualification, the strengthening of the professional and personal abilities as well as the reflection and the exchange over it are essential building blocks which sustainably strengthen the commitment. Below you will find the offers:

Seminar Termin
1.Umgang mit Verhaltensauffälligkeiten 03.05.-04.05.2018
2.Gruppen und gruppendynamische Prozesse 21.06.-22.06.2018

Continuing education offer: "Everybody has light and dark sides.“ If it is possible to consistently focus on the resources of the client and to promote their often deeply buried talents, these can gradually be[...]

Seminar Termin
1.Lösungsorientiert Erfolgreicher 18.04.2018
2.Stress im Griff
16.05. und 23.05.2018
3.Von der Konfliktscheu und Streitlust zum klärenden Austausch 13.06. und 20.06.2018