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Welcome to GSD Suhl mbH.

The foundation and the heart of our actions is the thought of "thinking socially, acting economically."

Consciously we link social demands and economic responsibility. The latter creates the scope for action, the former determines our targets: • We help people to develop in freedom, to shape their own lives, to integrate into society, to take personal responsibility, to contribute to social development and to make an active contribution to the preservation of social peace.

Our work with people is characterized by respect and clarity. We support in the Development of self-employment and personal responsibility. Our common goal is the Promoting integration into society and the regular labor and training market.

• We take societal and political changes, are ideological and politically neutral, and open to change processes, our own, the people entrusted to us and those of society. At the same time, we accept the existing, it is as it is - and at the same time recognize it as a starting point for future changes and further developments. • We are convinced of the inalienable dignity of the people and their lifelong learning and development capacity and pass these values ​​further, in the form of reasoned convictions, not as dogma and without absolute claims. That is why we also approach each other in an unbiased, dialog-oriented and partnership-based manner, support each other with appreciation and constructive criticism and actively take advantage of our potentials, ideas and suggestions. • We feel responsible for the quality of our work and hope that we will be experienced, powerful and creative by our clients, partners and clients This is the main characteristic of the management style at all levels, the interaction between the employees and their behavior vis-à-vis the users of our services, regardless of their status as a clientele or as clients. GSD Suhl mbH is bound by its laws, norms and values ​​as a part of society and is subject to all developments and changes. At the same time, we are striving to contribute, critical participation, as well as planning and implementation of positive counter-drafts, using material resources, heart blood and professional competence, beyond mere participation. All efforts by the employees are aimed at creating and maintaining positive living conditions. For this we are in constant exchange with public and free institutions. There is an inviolable link between our enthusiasm for our work, our search for new ways, our high quality demands and our living will to work together.